Green Cross Medico Ltd is a medical innovations company currently working in partnership with the Eastern Academic Health Science Network who develop and deliver innovations into the NHS. Our team has a proven track record of successfully bringing innovative products to market.


We are working with The Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust, Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals & University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire, helping them to take their bright ideas and develop them into practical, commercial innovations for the NHS and worldwide medical market.


Health Enterprise East completed the Airglove economic assessment in December 2020 supported by the Eastern Academic Health Science Network. To read the full Airglove Info-graphic click here

“I used the Airglove for a lady with breast cancer and difficult access, I’d not been able to find a vein at all and used the Airglove as a last resort without much hope that it would help – managed to cannulate her first time – very impressed patient (and radiographer!) – it’s 10/10 from me!!”

South Tees
Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The airglove has proved popular with us in apheresis, and supportive care. It has been particularly beneficial during the colder months.

Linda Pilcher, Senior Apheresis Nurse
Macmillan Cancer Centre, UCLH

“It does seem to work well though and I’ve been spreading the word through other departments who might also benefit from it.”We no longer use buckets of warm water in oncology at Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust as our patients request Airglove now as they prefer it. With a 87.5% success rate in our patient service evaluation I can see the results which make our lives so much easier too”

Keli Tomlin, Macmillan Chemotherapy Unit Manager

“It is proving to be very helpful we are gaining venous access quicker which helps with our timed injections. This means that our day is flowing more smoothly and its helping us to keep to appointment times. Therefore less extra waiting time for our patients. It is also allowing us to mostly cannulise rather than use butterflies. It takes longer to administer the radioactive isotope through butterflies. This means the dose of radiation the technical staff receive while doing this task is lower. This is always our aim to reduce our personal dose.”

Mary Milligan, Imaging Services Manager
West of Scotland PET Centre, Gartnavel Hospital, Glasgow

“Airglove is so comfortable for our patients who can be difficult to cannulate with continual chemotherapy cycles. It is so efficient in just 3 minutes the patient is ready for cannulation and then their treatment can begin”

Charlotte Wadey, Macmillan Lead Chemotherapy Nurse

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