Green Cross Medico Ltd is a medical innovations company currently working in partnership with Health Innovation East (formerly Eastern Academic Health Science Network) who develop and deliver innovations into the NHS. Our team has a proven track record of successfully bringing innovative products to market.


We are working with The Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust and Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals, helping them to take their bright ideas and develop them into practical, commercial innovations for the NHS and worldwide medical market.


Health Enterprise East completed the Airglove health economic assessment in December 2020, updated February 2022 supported by Heath Innovation East (formerly the Eastern Academic Health Science Network). To read the full Airglove Info-graphic click here

“It does seem to work well though and I’ve been spreading the word through other departments who might also benefit from it.”We no longer use buckets of warm water in oncology at Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust as our patients request Airglove now as they prefer it. With a 87.5% success rate in our patient service evaluation I can see the results which make our lives so much easier too”

Keli Tomlin, Macmillan Chemotherapy Unit Manager

“The Airglove has proven to be a valuable addition to enable us to cannulate patients who have challenging venous access. The patients tolerate it well and it avoids the risks of previous attempts to improve visibility of veins through the use of warm water. It is convenient and easy to use.”

 Gerry O’Hare, Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)
Vale of Leven District General Hospital

“The trial went well and we would like to purchase the demonstration unit plus a second one for the ward”

Teresa Batchelor, Transplant Coordinator
Haematology Clinic – Royal Cornwall Hospital

“As the Clinical Research Oncology Nurse Manager at a large teaching hospital in Scotland I am impressed with the results we have had when using the Airglove on our oncology patients. Our patients sometimes have complex issues with cannulation in addition to long term treatments requiring multiple cannulations. This can make the simple process of cannulation more challenging and difficult for the nurse and the patient. Airglove has changed this massively for us and we now use the machines in our oncology department for any patient who may require or request it with outstanding results. We are currently supporting a quality improvement project in our department to show how beneficial Airglove is for patient care, management and satisfaction.”

Heather McVicars, Clinical Research Oncology Nurse Manager
Western General Hospital Edinburgh

We love the Airglove glove, and I believe my line manager, Anna Caborn has ordered one from you guys.

Many thanks for changing our, and our patient’s experience.

Elisabeta Hanganut

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