Its great to be back at the Health and Care Innovation Expo 2018 with the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN). This is the biggest NHS led event which will be held over two days in Manchester at the beginning of September.
We will be showcasing our recently launched innovation Airglove which is a proven patient solution for venous access especially in the most difficult of patients who have fragile or hidden veins. This can be patients who have extended courses of treatment such as chemotherapy where repeated cannulation is required.
No more improvisation with warm water which can also cause potential gram-negative infections with multiple attempts to cannulate. Airglove only takes 3 minutes and is a gentle heat with no cross contamination that helps to relax the patient while warming up their arm and raising their veins.
Come along and visit us on the WMAHSN pavilion and we will be delighted to demonstrate Airglove. It is also available for a 4 week trial at any trust in the UK just email or call 07944 519 796.