We are delighted that our new innovation Airglove is now available in the UK. It is available for every trust in the UK to enjoy a 4-week trial and see how much easier cannulisation can be for not only your nurse practitioners but for the comfort of their patients.

Airglove is a proven patient solution for venous access, especially in the most difficult of patients who have fragile or hidden veins. Our patient service evaluation at The Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust (MTW) achieved an 87.5% result on 1st attempt with their hardest to cannulate chemotherapy patients.

No more improvisation with warm water which can cause potential gram-negative infections and multiple attempts to cannulate which can be so distressing for patients. Airglove works in just 3 minutes by gently raising the veins as the warm air circulates around the arm and even in the most difficult scenarios patients may require 6 minutes (2 x 3minute cycles) to achieve 1st attempt cannulisation.

Want a demo to trial Airglove for 4 weeks?
Please email or complete the contact form with the links below:
Email: info@greencrossmedico.com
Website contact form: http://greencrossmedico.com/contact-us/

We will organise a date in our diaries to meet at your hospital and come along to demonstrate and train the relevant nurse practitioners. We will leave you with x1 Airglove unit and x50 gloves for period of 4 weeks. If you choose to purchase Airglove we will give you 20% off the demonstration unit and 10% off any further purchases.
Thank you.