We were delighted to be invited to demonstrate Airglove at the West of Scotland PET Centre, Gartnavel Hospital, Glasgow at the beginning of January. This was one area that had never occurred to us when we initially developed Airgove with NHS Innovations South East and The Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust to help oncology patients who have difficult or hard to cannulate veins.

Positron emission tomography otherwise known as a PET scan. It is a nuclear medicine imaging test that uses a form of radioactive sugar to create images of body function and metabolism. These are detailed 3-dimensional images which can be used to evaluate/investigate normal and abnormal biological function of cells and organs. PET scans are often combined with CT scans to produce even more detailed images known as a PET – CT scan.

After we completed the demonstration and training, we left the Airglove unit for 4 weeks to allow the PET Centre and Nuclear Medicine to try it out for themselves with their hardest to cannulate patients. We were very pleasantly surprised with their results and comments:

“Please see below comments from our Lead Consultant regarding purchasing the Airglove. It is proving to be very helpful we are gaining venous access quicker which helps with our timed injections. This means that our day is flowing more smoothly and it’s helping us to keep to appointment times. Therefore, less extra waiting time for our patients. It is also allowing us to mostly cannulise rather than use butterfly’s. It takes longer to administer the radioactive isotope through butterfly’s. This means the dose of radiation the technical staff receive while doing this task is lower. This is always our aim to reduce our personal dose.”
Mary Milligan Imaging Services Manager, West of Scotland PET Centre.

“Hi Mary – I think the Airglove trial is proving successful. Please can you ask for a quote so that we can raise a PO for it”.
Sandy Small, Lead Consultant, Consultant Clinical Physicist, West of Scotland PET Centre.

Over the past 3 years we have visited many oncology departments in hospitals around the UK who are now using Airglove on a daily basis. It’s great to witness nurse/practitioners successfully using the innovative system with many patients feeling the benefits.

If your hospital would like a 4-week trial with Airglove
Email: sheena.jack:greencrossmedico.com