We are delighted to announce our partnership with the Eastern Academic Health Science Network. The Eastern AHSN were established by the NHS and the Office for Life Sciences to work with academia, citizens, health services and industry to realise the value of innovations quicker.  Their focus is in the East of England, but they are part of a national network that enables them to deliver at scale.

Working with them over the past 18 months we have successfully completed a 4-week Airglove trial with 11 trusts in the Eastern region.  We have also completed an independent economic assessment with Health Enterprise East which shows the total net cost savings potentially achievable with Airglove reduced Nurses’ time and the increased cannulation success rates*:
• Average per patient per year £64.00
• Total cumulated over 3 years £31.1 million

Click here to read the full Airglove Infographic

There are 32,000,000 cannulations per year in the UK and 1 in 3 patients admitted into hospital having at least 1 peripheral IV cannula. This can be distressing for patients with difficult vein access (DVA) such as those receiving repeated courses of chemotherapy, PET Scans or Radiology with costs incurred:
• Throughput of patients and treatments delayed
• Cost of re-cannulation
• Cost of nursing time wasted
• Poor patient experience

Airglove with its single use glove can achieve up to 87.5% 1st time cannulation with difficult to access patients at a time when the management of infection control for all patients in these COVID-19 times are paramount but especially with immunosuppressed cancer patients, should be foremost in everyone’s mind.

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