Clinical Research Oncology Nurse Manager

“As the Clinical Research Oncology Nurse Manager at a large teaching hospital in Scotland I am impressed with the results we have had when using the Airglove on our oncology patients. Our patients sometimes have complex issues with cannulation in addition to long term treatments requiring multiple cannulations. This can make the simple process of cannulation more challenging and difficult for the nurse and the patient. Airglove has changed this massively for us and we now use the machines in our oncology department for any patient who may require or request it with outstanding results. We are currently supporting a quality improvement project in our department to show how beneficial Airglove is for patient care, management and satisfaction.”

Heather McVicars, Clinical Research Oncology Nurse Manager
Western General Hospital Edinburgh

Technical Service Manager, West of Scotland PET Centre

“Our Airgloves have been well and truly used, especially during our cold snap. We have found this a very useful device and we have recommended to other departments who may benefit from this.”

Elaine Renwick, Technical Service Manager
West of Scotland PET Centre, Gartnavel Hospital, Glasgow

Imaging Services Manager, West of Scotland PET Centre

“It is proving to be very helpful we are gaining venous access quicker which helps with our timed injections. This means that our day is flowing more smoothly and its helping us to keep to appointment times. Therefore less extra waiting time for our patients. It is also allowing us to mostly cannulise rather than use butterflies. It takes longer to administer the radioactive isotope through butterflies. This means the dose of radiation the technical staff receive while doing this task is lower. This is always our aim to reduce our personal dose.”

Mary Milligan, Imaging Services Manager
West of Scotland PET Centre, Gartnavel Hospital, Glasgow

Lead Consultant, Clinical Physicist, Nuclear Science,

“I think the air glove trial is proving successful.”

Sandy Small, Lead Consultant,
Consultant Clinical Physicist, Nuclear Science, Gartnavel Hospital, Glasgow

Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)

“The Airglove has proven to be a valuable addition to enable us to cannulate patients who have challenging venous access. The patients tolerate it well and it avoids the risks of previous attempts to improve visibility of veins through the use of warm water. It is convenient and easy to use.”

 Gerry O’Hare, Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)
Vale of Leven District General Hospital

Acting Ward Manager, Heartlands Hospital

“We have had very good feedback about the Airglove.”

Mary Dillon, Acting Ward Manager
Heartlands Hospital, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Trust

Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

“We have managed to trial the Airglove system for a week with our night nurse practitioners who have given a very favourable report for the unit and see it as something they would find beneficial to have available for use. The feedback from the team members that used it were very positive and in the absence to help us insert difficult cannulas we found it very useful.”

Sue Harper
Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

Senior Sister, Managed Care

“I am really impressed after using the Airglove a few times, it definitely makes a difference to our attempts to cannulate patients.”

 Cecelia Butters, Senior Sister
Victoria House Infusion Unit, Southampton General Hospital

South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“I used the Airglove for a lady with breast cancer and difficult access, I’d not been able to find a vein at all and used the Airglove as a last resort without much hope that it would help – managed to cannulate her first time – very impressed patient (and radiographer!) – it’s 10/10 from me!!”

South Tees
Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Radiographer, South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 

“I have used the Airglove myself a few times and it worked well and I think it was particularly reassuring for the patients. They were anxious and had had problems with cannulation in the past”.

Ellie Andrews, Radiographer
South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 

Macmillan Chemotherapy Unit Manager

“It does seem to work well though and I’ve been spreading the word through other departments who might also benefit from it.”We no longer use buckets of warm water in oncology at Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust as our patients request Airglove now as they prefer it. With a 87.5% success rate in our patient service evaluation I can see the results which make our lives so much easier too”

Keli Tomlin, Macmillan Chemotherapy Unit Manager

Macmillan Lead Chemotherapy Nurse

“Airglove is so comfortable for our patients who can be difficult to cannulate with continual chemotherapy cycles. It is so efficient in just 3 minutes the patient is ready for cannulation and then their treatment can begin”

Charlotte Wadey, Macmillan Lead Chemotherapy Nurse

Ward Sister, Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Day-Care and Ambulatory Care

“The warming process with Airglove is great and very easy to use even on our patients with previous multiple cannulation and blood taking attempts”

 Julia Dahlstrom, Ward Sister,
Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Day-Care and Ambulatory Care, University College London Hospital

Modality Lead Radiographer in MRI Southmead Hospital

“Thanks for the loaning us Airglove. We had a difficult patient last night and Airglove worked a treat. We have all enjoyed using the Airglove and would not like to see it returned!”

Ann Case, Modality Lead Radiographer in MRI Southmead Hospital
North Bristol NHS Trust

Transplant Coordinator, Haematology Clinic

“The trial went well and we would like to purchase the demonstration unit plus a second one for the ward”

Teresa Batchelor, Transplant Coordinator
Haematology Clinic – Royal Cornwall Hospital

Clinical Skills Manager & Simulation Lead

I used Airglove for the very first time this morning! 😃

Fantastic result with a patient who was quite literally terrified (having had some very sub-optimal experiences previously).  Found the 3 minute timer perfect- it allowed me to chat and reassure her whilst the warming was happening.

Can’t wait to try it on more patients to reassure me this wasn’t just a one off 😃

James Whatling, Clinical Skills Manager & Simulation Lead
The West Suffolk Foundation NHS Trust

Senior Apheresis Nurse, Macmillan Cancer Centre, University College London Hospital

The airglove has proved popular with us in apheresis, and supportive care. It has been particularly beneficial during the colder months.

Linda Pilcher, Senior Apheresis Nurse
Macmillan Cancer Centre, UCLH

Elisabeta Hanganut – Macmillan Oncology Sister, Nuffield Health Guildford Hospital

We love the Airglove glove, and I believe my line manager, Anna Caborn has ordered one from you guys.

Many thanks for changing our, and our patient’s experience.

Elisabeta Hanganut

Patricia Dyminski, Airedale General Hospital

Well what can I say except we definitely need one :o) Its worth its weight in gold. Not sure if you sent a quote but please could I have one so I can raise a req number.

Patricia Dyminski, Airedale General Hospital

Sue Scott – Transfusion / Anaemia Nurse Practitioner, ROYAL UNITED HOSPITALS BATH NHS FOUNDATION TRUST

The longer we continue to use the machine that we borrowed, the more useful we are actually finding it.  We have had a few very challenging patients and we have come to rely on having the Airglove in our back up plan to help.

Sue Scott Transfusion / Anaemia Nurse Practitioner

Registered Nurse – Dorothy House Hospice Care

We have now been using the Airglove for four weeks. The patients really like it and it has certainly given more options for cannulation sites.

Wendy Pepper, Registered Nurse (DPS)
Dorothy House Hospice Care, Winsley, Bradford on Avon
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